Mortem et Gloriam

Mortem et Gloriam is a successful set of battle rules for the Ancients period, spanning 2500BCE through to firearms becoming widespread around 1500CE.

MeG was self-published in 2016 by author Simon Hall and has gained much praise for its originality (see CCC system), fun and historical feel. After only 3 years it has risen to a mainstay of the hobby with well over 1000 players and coming second in a 2019 FB poll of favourite ancient rulesets.

In 2020 the new MEG Compendium will be published by The Plastic Soldier Company along with accessories and a range of new ULTRACAST 15mm plastic ancient figures. This book allows you to play MeG with three different army sizes and time-frames, but importantly all three feel the same as they all have the same number of ‘units’ – all have 10-20. It is the number of bases per unit that we change, and the rules remain the same.


Meg Maximus

Maximus (largest) is our big battle game. Armies are 70-100 bases. It is played on a 6’x4′ BattleMat with 15mm in about 3 hours.

Meg Magna

Magna (large) has been designed to allow 28mm games on a standard 6’x4′. Armies have 40-60 bases. It is played on a 6’x4′ BattleMat with 128mm in about 2 hours.

MeG Pacto

Pacto (compact) is our miniaturised game, but in no way feels small as it keeps the main features of Maximus. Armies are just 20-30 bases, making it good for travel and easy to build. The 15mm game is played on a 3’x2′ mat (4’x3′ for 28mm) and it completes in under 90 minutes.