MeG Pacto Sassanid Persian army

Article number: PSC-UMEG004
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15mm Ultracast* plastic figures.

Box contains figures for a complete MeG Pacto army (or big battle DBA, etc.):

2 x Generals (2-part miniatures to allow variable poses)
22 x Asvaran cavalry (assorted mix of armoured lancers and armoured horse archers; multiple poses; lances are separate)
8 x Horse archers (assorted mix of poses)
2 x Elephants and crew (multi-part models; includes 3 crew)
8 x Slingers (assorted mix of 2 poses)
8 x Archers (assorted mix of 2 poses)
16 x Levy foot (assorted mix of 4 poses)


* Ultracast Plastic:  a hard plastic material with some flexibility. The smaller parts, such as spears, swords, etc. do bend, but the plastic returns to its original position very rapidly, making them much sturdier than rigid plastic or white metal - essentially drop-proof! The sculpting and casting quality are equivalent to some of the better metal ranges on the market, but are a fraction of the weight. The plastic used has a texture designed to take paint without any undercoat.

Scale: 15mm
Material: Ultracast plastic
Finish: Supplied unpainted
Preparation: Some assembly required
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