Super Shader Colours

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Coat d'arms Super Shaders are acrylic based stains which enable you to block paint your figures
and then shade them quickly and easily simply by painting Super Shader over
the whole figure, producing highlighting and shading. It is designed to
enable you to paint a whole army very quickly.  60mL jars, non-toxic and non-flammable.

Unlike existing solvent-based "dip" products, Super Shader is an acrylic
stain and you can clean your brushes with water.

The three tones are:

  • 420 Light Brown (use to shade white and lighter colours)
  • 421 Dark Brown (use with flesh & darker colours, like reds)
  • 422 Black (for 'colder' outline shading, on greys, metal, etc)


Super Shader Examples

The following figures were undercoated white then washed over with Super Shader – they haven’t been varnished or retouched.

They are Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black




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