Saga - Age of Invasions

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SAGA Age of Invasions is a SAGA supplement which covers the era of the Great Invasions that ended in AD 476 when the last [western] Roman emperor was dethroned. Divided between East and West since
395, the Roman Empire was under pressure from the so-called 'barbarian' peoples: Goths, Germans, Persians, Huns and many others. The threats were many.
This little-known period has left its marks in our collective imagination, none greater than Arthur, the British chieftain who literary tradition raised to the rank of legendary king. It also knew its fair share of skilled generals and intrepid chiefs. In these pages, you’ll come to know the brilliant Aetius, the fiery Clovis, and the terrifying Attila.

SAGA Age of Invasions includes: 

Warbands rules for Late Romans, Britons, Saxons, Goths, Huns, Picts, Franks, and Sassanid Persians.

  • Eleven Dogs of War units to recruit
  • Four Old Friends
  • New Enemies variant Warbands
  • Four brand new scenarios
  • The Limes campaign system
  • New photographs, plenty of examples and explanatory text.

This book is accompanied by eight Battle Boards, not available separately.

A copy of the Saga rulebook is necessary to use this supplement.

Hardback, full colour, 96 pages.

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