Ruined factory office block - module 1

Article number: BDA-48IFN1
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This amazingly detailed line of models accurately reproduce the size and structure of the real thing, and can be used for any brick building in virtually any theatre from 1800 onward. The modular system allow you to change the configuration of your building every game and with minimal expense: you can start to play immediately even with just one single module! At the same time with plenty of new modules and expansion packs on the way you can keep expanding your collection and add more possibilities to your games. As usual plenty of beautifully deep sculpted surface detail will help you in painting this building that can be used for basically any conflict from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!
This versatile model comes in four parts and require very basic assembly. It is offered complete with full details on the inside which allow you the maximum freedom in customizing it and mix the parts with other modules. Overall size of the complete assembled model is 180mm x 120mm and the height is 125mm. Like all Baueda models this is a historically accurate reproduction made of tough POLYURETHANE.


Supplied unpainted.

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