Modular timber bridge

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A modular bridge set for your gaming tables that can be used for basically any conflict from biblical time up to the most futuristic settings! Being made of modular components means you can tailor the length to your needs, and combine it with other elements of our ranges. Not only that, but while this model is specifically designed as a military wooden bridge for 15mm games, and it is therefore the exact width to comfortably hold a 40mm wide figures base, it also works perfectly well with larger scales as a smaller construction (i.e. small footbridge).

The complete model is 230mm x 68mm at the base and 32mm tall. The walkway is 45mm wide and at the top of the ramp is 20mm high. It can be very easily cut to a shorter size if needed, or you can purchase additional modules to extend it!

5 parts. Supplied unpainted.

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