Viking Spearmen Shieldwall charging #2 (separate spears)

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These are specifically designed so that you can replace the separate cast tin spears (supplied!) with your favorite brass or steel wire spears. In the last picture on the right you can see the main difference between the poses in the two codes: VIK11 include figures that have the shoulder line almost perpendicular to the shield which allow for the spear to be cast on with the rest of the figure all in one piece. VIK12 include figures who are facing straight to the enemy with the shoulders roughly parallel to the shield. They are also perfect to mix with all the others packs for even more variety!

Pack of 8 unpainted figures (picked at random from half a dozen different variations).

Scale: 15mm
Material: Lead-free pewter
Finish: Supplied unpainted
Preparation: One-piece casting, separate spear
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