Third Hand with 3 magnifiers & 5 LED lights

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Fantastic articulated tool with three magnifying glasses and five LED lights for clamping and precision visualization of parts or pieces. It is a very useful multipurpose tool for modelling, electronics, jewelry, sewing and crafts. It can work with 3 AA batteries (not included) so it is perfectly portable or directly plugged into the 220 volt current thanks to the included transformer.  Transformer has European plug - you'll need a travel converter plug to plug into an Australian socket.

This tool for the most detailed processes of model construction and other handicrafts is composed of an third hand or arm with five powerful LED lights, a large magnifying glass (diameter 90 mm and x2.5 magnification), two small magnifying glasses (diameter 34 mm; and x7.5 and x10 magnification), two alligator clamps and a soldering iron stand, all supported on a reinforced and stable base.


When the modeller is building any type of model, when the electrical or electronics technician manipulates a cable or a chip, when the jeweler wants to string pearls on a necklace or when the lover of crafts is creating any object must be continuously observing to the millimeter the different parts or pieces for their correct fit. Therefore, a third hand or third arm, optimal lighting and magnifications are very useful to facilitate the work and to be able to work with greater precision.

The articulated arm with five LED lights and three magnifying glasses is a fundamental modelling tool and other hobbies such as sewing if you want to build scale models and sew more easily and with better results too. So you can measure, cut or treat any tiny object with millimeter precision and place it in its proper place.

Help your eyesight with the third hand with LED lighting and magnifying glasses!

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