BelCon 24-2 entry ticket - Warhammer Old World

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This is a PLAYER's ENTRY TICKET for the Warhammer (The Old World) event at BelCon 24-2, to be held on 29-30 June 2024 at Belconnen Raiders Club in Holt, ACT. 

Spaces are limited.

TOURNAMENT ORGANISER: Ben Halliday - [email protected]



Four games, 2000 points. Two games Saturday and two games on Sunday. 16 Players.

Players are welcome to have casual games after each competition day with players that wish to do so.

The weekend is for players to have some larger games, facilitate a range of styles of play, allow plenty of time for players that are not that experienced with the game and encourage socialising with plenty of time for lunch at the Raiders club.


Composition of Army Lists from and all the rules for The Old World including latest FAQ & Errata. Armies lists and supplements including renegade pdf factions (that's 'legacy armies” in unacceptable corporate language) including mercenaries are most welcome.


What to bring

A “I-want-to-enjoy-others-company” outlook, an army of no more than 2000 points, dice, printed legible list that includes points of unit/s and upgrades of units etc, tape measure, template/s, supporting and relevant rules (corporeal & or electronic). Dollars for lunch and a second-hand stall.



If you would like to be judged best army on show by your peers, please bring your best. Painting isn’t a requirement but is strongly encouraged.


What-you-see-is-what you-get

Players need to have an army that is What-you-see-is-what you-get e.g. if you’re taking shields on a unit then a majority should have a shield on the model. Magical items like a “special club” can be proxied for a sword (just as in the rules) but running a flying carpet without it on the model isn’t. The rule of thumb is an item or upgrade should be represented on models if it provides an upgrade beyond what equipment/attribute could reasonably have stashed on the model. E.g. mutations on a model would ideally be modelled but its not compulsory. While a hand with a hand weapon model run as having a two-handed weapon isn’t on.  Email Ben with pictures if you need to discuss.


Basing and movement trays:

We expect there will be players that have not completed rebasing/extending their models bases from previous Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) editions or other games. Please have appropriately sized movement trays for your units.



Like many community organised WFB events going back decades, proxy models from non-Games Workshop manufactures are acceptable. However, they do need to be an accurate representation of what the model is on the game table e.g. a 3D printed goblin with spear needs to look like a goblin with spear. 


Our community is open to themed armies that use interesting proxies e.g. Amazons run as Wood elves etc. But having a lend by using Lego, Smurfs or broken bits of a bases etc. isn’t acceptable. Email Ben if you have something different. Respect the pragmatism of the event and those that have made the effort to complete their armies. 





If the event is cancelled by the venue or due to health restrictions, a refund of the ticket price will be given once the venue hire has been refunded to us by the Club.

If you get a ticket and later find you can't make it, you'll get a refund of your ticket price if:

(a) you cancel at least a week out from the event, or

(b) we have sufficient remaining participants to cover the venue costs.

Note that any refund will be for the ticket price only.  The added payment costs associated with payment via Stripe or PayPal are not refundable (greedy buggers keep it, even if the transaction is later reversed).  So please pay via EFT/bank transfer, which has no added payment costs.

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