BelCon 24-1 entry ticket - Warhammer Old World

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This is a PLAYER's ENTRY TICKET for the Warhammer (The Old World) event at BelCon 24-1, to be held on 23-24 March 2024 at Belconnen Raiders Club in Kippax. 

Spaces are limited.

TOURNAMENT ORGANISER: Ben Halliday - [email protected]


Dawn of the TOW at BelCon 1 2024

Warhammer: The Old World (TOW) wargame friendly learn and competitive event.
Format five games. Three games Saturday and two on Sunday. 1250 points
Lists from all rules for TOW armies and supplements including renegade pdf factions (that's 'legacy armies' in BS corporate language) are acceptable.
Spots at Belcon 1 - 12 players
What to bring: An army, dice, printed or tech legible list that includes points plus upgrades of units, tape measure, template/s and relevant rules (corporal & or electronic)

Format for the weekend
We hope to meet or (re-meet) new players of this set of rules and want to set some expectations early to avoid misunderstanding about the event format and players expectations.

If you’re a non Canberra region player, then we’d politely ask you sit this one out. There will be a bigger event in April which we would love to see you at.

This is a friendly, learn and competitive event. We expect that many will not have had much experience with the new TOW rules by March let alone completed hobby projects like rebasing, converting trays, painting new armies etc. This is an opportunity for players (especially new to fantasy related rank and flank games) to have a crack at playing a reasonable sized but not overwhelming competitive games of TOW. We want players to have a play and learn/ enhance their TOW experience while playing in a relaxed format.

There is no painting requirement, but we'd love it if you did. We'll work out a podium and a “halfway hero” but really what matters is that you and especially your opponent enjoy their games. There are no prizes and rankings don’t exist. So, design your list with this in mind: Will I and my opponent enjoy our game?

We won’t be pre-viewing lists, but we do ask that you bring a positive attitude and respect for your community. If you want to experiment with the meta of “how can I break the game” or win at all costs lists, then this isn’t the event for you. You’re welcome to play at home. This event for practicing the game and enjoying relaxed competition with likeminded legends.

As a guide all the old hits need to be avoided: excessive multiple units of the same choice (spam), more than 50% shooting, armies built to not engage in combat and the “gun line castle”. Your army should look like an army and allow your opponent to also enjoy playing. If you’re not sure what this looks like then email [email protected]

This is a relatively small event if more spots become available, we'll let people know on the Canberra Northside Wargamer FB page and Canberra The Old World FB Group




If the event is cancelled by the venue or due to health restrictions, a refund of the ticket price will be given once the venue hire has been refunded to us by the Club.

If you get a ticket and later find you can't make it, you'll get a refund of your ticket price if:

(a) you cancel at least a week out from the event, or

(b) we have sufficient remaining participants to cover the venue costs.

Note that any refund will be for the ticket price only.  The added payment costs associated with payment via Stripe or PayPal are not refundable (greedy buggers keep it, even if the transaction is later reversed).  So please pay via EFT/bank transfer, which has no added payment costs.

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