Dogfight game

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Dogfight is a team-based competitive game of quick decision making and frantic communication, where teams of 2 players take on the role of gunner or pilot in a biplane and duke it out with the enemy team to claim control of the sky!

Dogfight is played in rounds with two phases. In the timed phase you must communicate quickly with your teammate, coordinating a plan using the unique cards in your hands to shoot down the opposing team. But be warned, your opponents can hear you planning! Balance talking to your teammate and listening to your opponents to ensure that in the resolution phase your run of cards allows you to avoid getting shot while scoring hits of your own. Effective shots cause you to permanently discard cards from your deck, and once there are none left your plane goes down in flames, so time is of the essence.

Dogfight is a frantic, energetic team game that will have you whooping with glee when you deliver a devastating volley of shots and maneuvers or laughing as your miscommunication and panic leaves you like sitting ducks.

Dogfight is a game for 2-4 players (with potential expansions to push it to a hectic 8 players), with games lasting roughly 20 minutes with evenly skilled teams.


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