BelCon 24-1 entry ticket - Mortem et Gloriam

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This is a PLAYER's ENTRY TICKET for the Mortem et Gloriam event at BelCon 24-1, to be held on 23-24 March 2024 at Belconnen Raiders Club in Kippax. 

Spaces are limited.



Format: Mortem et Gloriam 15mm Maximus – 4 Rounds –2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.

Rounds to be 3.5 hours in duration.

Table Size: 6X4

Points: 10,000 Pts Armies and Enemies of Rome 400BCE – 476CE  (Note the outside region and time armies can be considered if players are unable to borrow a list and they ask the TO).

Lists to be submitted to: Carl at [email protected]  - Note Carl is not playing this year.

Lists will be the 2024 lists and the 2024 army builder. These can be downloaded from here:

2024 Lists - Official (

Army and Year will be provided to me as Tournament Organiser on Wednesday 20th March to pre-do 1st round, however I will not see the details of your list. 1st round will be pre-done Friday and runners and Riders plus first round will be posted to Facebook on Friday evening, however there may be minor changes if people turn up either late or not at all on Saturday. In the event of a bye as TO I will take the first-round bye.

Lists to be submitted by COB Wed 20thth March 2024

Miniatures: 15mm/10mm on normal 15mm (40mm wide) bases with appropriate depth for figures. Miniatures to be painted ideally at least 3 colours and bases flocked.

Byes will be given an initial 8-0 as their result. At end of all rounds Byes will be averaged out to your average results across the 6 rounds.

Round 1 draw is done based on Year or Armies, the exception is people who have travelled to Canberra from the same location will not be matched together. The oldest armies start the draw up to newest. There after draw is based on points and avoiding re-matches.



If the event is cancelled by the venue or due to health restrictions, a refund of the ticket price will be given once the venue hire has been refunded to us by the Club.

If you get a ticket and later find you can't make it, you'll get a refund of your ticket price if:

(a) you cancel at least a week out from the event, or

(b) we have sufficient remaining participants to cover the venue costs.

Note that any refund will be for the ticket price only.  The added payment costs associated with payment via Stripe or PayPal are not refundable (greedy buggers keep it, even if the transaction is later reversed).  So please pay via EFT/bank transfer, which has no added payment costs.

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