We Shall Meet in Vienna: 1813 in Germany (Spring Campaign)

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We shall meet in Vienna includes everything you need to begin recreating the two phases of the War of Liberation in Germany: organization, maps, historical briefings, and uniforms. 

During the passionate negotiations of the spring of 1813 between France and Austria, Napoleon would dismiss Metternich by declaring, We shall meet in Vienna! threatening to repeat the capture of the Austrian capital as he had done in 1805 and again in 1809. 

Desperately short of cavalry, having just raised a new army of largely raw recruits, rallying around a cadre of survivors from the invasion of Russia, Napoleon took command of La Grande Armée in the spring of 1813 determined to turn back the coalition forces seeking to dismantle the French Empire. 


We shall meet in Vienna offers nine scenarios covering The Spring Campaign and the period After the Armistice: 

  • 1st Möckern
  • Lützen 
  • Bautzen 
  • Großbeern – and a second scenario for Blankenfelde 
  • Katzbach 
  • Dresden 
  • Hagelberg 
  • 1st Kulm 


250 pages, our largest Campaign Guide to-date. Additionally, We shall meet in Vienna offers a late war uniform guide with over 1500 uniform plates, all in full color, covering every unit featured in the scenarios. 


We shall meet in Vienna, 1813 in Germany is compatible with Et sans résultat! (both ESR Original Edition & ESR Second Edition), and nearly any other Napoleonic tabletop wargame. Orders of battle provide detail down to the battalion level and maps are offered in scale miles.

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