To Assure My Dynasty: 1808 in Iberia (s3)

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1808 in Iberia - The Campaigns in Spain and Portugal

Series 3 = Heavily upgraded / revised / improved ESR Campaign Guides

By the author of Et sans résultat! but is suitable for whatever rule set you play.

So what’s new? Lots.

To Assure My Dynasty, 1808 in Iberia is the first of our new ESR Series 3 Campaign Guides and sets the standard for future releases will follow. So here is what to expect!

The Book

  • 184 full color pages in a hardback case binding.
  • All new artwork, maps, layout, uniform plates, etc. with higher color fidelity and crisper images.
  • Featuring 13 historical scenarios in two campaigns.
  • All new scenario maps, we’ve “zoomed out” to provide more space for approach and to standardize on several sizes.
  • New “world” political map of the “Napoleonic World” – Europe and North Africa – showing the political boundaries in the year of the campaign.
  • New theater maps showing the disposition of major forces at the onset of each campaign.
  • New operational maps “zoomed in” for each scenario showing who was approaching the battlefield from where.
  • Greatly expanded Uniform Guide, (Iberia-1 had approximately 700 uniform images, Iberia-1s3 offers nearly 2,000 images).
  • Adding back views, footwear, sabretaches, drums, and horse furniture.
  • Index of every historical unit involved in the scenarios and the number of game Units necessary to represent its peak size.
  • Extensive notes covering historical unit structure, known uniform variations, and composition.
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