Roll up that Map: 1805 in Germany

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Roll up that Map, 1805 in Germany, The Ulm & Austerlitz Campaigns

A series of small but pivotal engagements around the Ulm region allowed Napoleon to cut off nearly all routes of escape from Ulm and strategically surround the city. The Austerlitz Campaign is arguably Napoleon’s most effective campaign, culminating in one of the greatest successful gambles of military history. It is the campaign which introduced La Grande Armée to the world, a highly trained, highly motivated, flexibly organized military system which was the culmination and extension of military evolution to-date.

Roll up that Map includes everything you need to begin recreating both phases of Napoleon’s brilliant 1805 German campaign: organization, maps, historical briefings, and uniforms.

Two campaigns, nine scenarios, twenty-seven maps, over 600 uniform images created especially for inclusion in this series and offering!

Sit under the sun of Austerlitz…
Nine scenarios covering both the fight for Ulm, leading to the Battle of Austerlitz:

The Roll up that Map Campaign Guide is compatible with Et sans résultat! Original and Second Edition as well as most any other tabletop Napoleonic wargame.

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