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This is your entry fee (and reservation of a place) for COVIDCON (23-24 Jan 2021).  Presumably your TO has directed you here to register.  Choose the event you wish to enter from the drop-down list above.

IMPORTANT Spaces are limited.  If an event is showing as 'Out of Stock', it means the event is currently full.  Otherwise 'In stock (#)' indicates the number of places still available.  Unused spaces may be reallocated to other events periodically (the next reallocation will be the end of November).

You can still purchase an entry, which will put you on the WAIT LIST.  You should talk to the TO and see if more spaces are likely to be allocated to the event.  If you are on the wait list and don't get in, you'll be fully refunded.

Your $35* is primarily to cover the cost of the venue hire.  Any surplus will be returned to players in the form of prizes, trophies and possibly drink/food vouchers.  In other words, the event is not-for-profit (Olympian Games is operating as a go-between to collect the monies and pay the bills for the event).

REFUNDS:  If you enter but later find personally find you can't attend, you'll get a refund, provided that the cost of venue hire has been covered.  The good news is that we are already well above the break-even point.

NOTE:  A condition of entry to the event is that you are, or become, a member of the Raiders' Club.  This costs only $2 for 1 year's membership, and will need to be sorted out before entry (bring current ID).

*  If paying by  PayPal , their fees will be added to the cost (an additional $1.21).  Since PayPal have recently stopped paying back the fees in case of refunds (greedy bastards), we will only be able to refund you $35, not the fee-inclusive amount ($36.21).


EXTRA NOTE:  CHOOSE 'Pickup in store' as the delivery method!  Otherwise you will be paying postage for nothing, and look like a right nong.

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