BelCon 23-iii entry ticket - WHFB 6th Ed.

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This is a PLAYER's ENTRY TICKET for the Warhammer Fantasy Battles (6th Ed) event at BelCon 23-iii, to be held on Saturday 21 October 2023 at Belconnen Raiders Club in Kippax. 

Spaces are limited.

TOURNAMENT ORGANISER: Ben Halliday - [email protected]


Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6th ed - Organised play day
We're encouraging having access to players you haven't played before and have a day of play at a decent size Army list. We're not playing for prizes (the more that come will make tickets cheaper).

There will be 2 rounds of 2.5 hours. One first round will be an objective scenario, the other pitched battle. If players wish to play a 3rd game you are most welcome to line that up with other players during the event. We'll do a draw based on who hasn't played who on the day. Grudge matches for the first game are totally fine but please let Ben know before the round is drawn.

You'll need 2000 pts worth of legit WFB 6th Edition Army books. Back of the book or White dwarf armies are allowed but as a courtesy please contact [email protected] or via the Canberra Warhammer Fantasy - The Old World of 6th edition plus Facebook group.
We're not going to ask players to submit lists as this event is to have a friendly organised play day. Ask yourself, will my army be enjoyable to play against? Will my opponent have fun? e.g Guns lines, more than 10 power dice or armies that wont engage in close combat. Got questions, contact Ben.

Saturday only.



If the event is cancelled by the venue or due to health restrictions, a refund of the ticket price will be given once the venue hire has been refunded to us by the Club.

If you get a ticket and later find you can't make it, you'll get a refund of your ticket price if:

(a) you cancel at least a week out from the event, or

(b) we have sufficient remaining participants to cover the venue costs.

Note that any refund will be for the ticket price only.  The added payment costs associated with payment via Stripe or PayPal are not refundable (greedy buggers keep it, even if the transaction is later reversed).  So please pay via EFT/bank transfer, which has no added payment costs.

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