BelCon 23-iii entry ticket - Warmaster

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This is a PLAYER's ENTRY TICKET for the Warmaster event at BelCon 23-iii, to be held on Sunday 22 October 2023 at Belconnen Raiders Club in Kippax. 

Spaces are limited.

TOURNAMENT ORGANISER: Ben Halliday - [email protected]


Warmaster Revolution - Sunday
This is a friendly event to provide an opportunity for players to finally drag out their lovely 10mm fantasy miniatures out for a day or for new players that caught the Forest Dragon miniatures fever this year and bought an Army at Cancon 2023
You'll need 2000 pts of Warmaster Revolution miniatures and a legit list.
Round 1 will be an objective scenario with the other two pitched battles.
New players are encouraged this event is an opportunity to learn while you play or relearning Warmaster rules
Contact Ben if you have questions. 



If the event is cancelled by the venue or due to health restrictions, a refund of the ticket price will be given once the venue hire has been refunded to us by the Club.

If you get a ticket and later find you can't make it, you'll get a refund of your ticket price if:

(a) you cancel at least a week out from the event, or

(b) we have sufficient remaining participants to cover the venue costs.

Note that any refund will be for the ticket price only.  The added payment costs associated with payment via Stripe or PayPal are not refundable (greedy buggers keep it, even if the transaction is later reversed).  So please pay via EFT/bank transfer, which has no added payment costs.

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