28mm Sandbag Bunker

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Comes with a separate roof piece and two "L" shaped sections of fortifications plus a small ammo boxes pile. This imposing emplacement can comfortably fit four 28mm figures on 25mm round bases, with some room to spare, so plenty of space to use it as a machine gun nest, for a recoilless gun fortified position or as a command post. Perfect as the centerpiece of a larger defence system or as a game objective, all the pieces in this set have plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, and can be used for basically any conflict from WWII up to the most futuristic settings!

Like all other models in this range it is made of tough POLYURETHANE; the roof is a separate piece which can be left loose to make it easier placing figures inside or glued in place if you prefer.The separate roof has details also on the underside and can be mounted with the traversal beams in front, behind or directly above the vertical supports, allowing some small height variation. The roof support posts can also be easily cut a little shorter to have the roof laying directly above the sides if you prefer. Bunker overall size: 90mm (3.54”) wide, 80mm (3.15”) deep, height: 67mm (2.64”) max, 57mm (2.24”) min Bunker internal size: 60mm (2.36”) wide, 55mm (2.17”) deep, height: 50mm (1.97”) max, 40mm (1.57”) min The two sandbagged sections are 90x75mm and 90x70mm respectively, both approximately 30mm high (3.54” x 2.95” and 2.76” respectively, both 1.2” high ).

Supplied unpainted.

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