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Roman Legionary tent (28mm)

28mm Roman Legionary tent
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Product Description
The 28mm version of the standard legionary camp tent. It is based on the latest research and interpretation of historical sources. It's accurately sized according to the sources that agree it was 10 by 10 roman feet, and 5 feet tall. In a legionary camp there would be several hundreds tents like this as well as larger ones for the centurions, and even bigger yet for the general's HQ, each military Tribune and each Prefect.

Please be aware that if you base this model on a 60mm frontage baggage base you won't be able to put two side by side. The best way to deal with this is to base them on alternating single 60mm and doublesize 120mm bases, as shown below. As you can see the actual model does fit on a standard 60mm baggage base, but it is so close to the edge that it would look silly if you put two next to each other... This way the basing will be compatible with the most common rules around.
Like all Baueda models this is a historically accurate reproduction with plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting and it's made of very tough POLYURETHANE. 
The model comes UNPAINTED and unbased as plain cast, with a flat sanded bottom but otherwise as it comes out of the mould.