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Bases - MDF + magnet

Bases - 3mm MDF with magnet (4mm total thickness)
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3mm MDF with magnet underneath, precision-cut on our laser.  Total thickness of these bases is 4mm.  They are intended for 28mm figures or larger, and are also useful for those who prefer thicker bases for their 15mm figures.

Select the size you need from the list above - sorted from smallest dimension to largest.  The price is shown under each size variant).  If you would like a size and/or shape that is not listed, contact us and let us know your requirements!

Ready to use right out of the bag.  The wood material makes it suitable for PVA glue, and the heavy-duty magnet underneath not only give the base strength and heft, but also allows for secure transport and storage.

There is no minimum or maximum quantity requirement, so you can order only exactly as many bases as you need (i.e. you don't have to buy them in lots of 10, 25, 50, etc).  And we can make them for you in 24-48 hours.

Volume discount:  for quantities of 100 or more of the same base, you get a discount of 5% or more off our already very competitive price!

NOTE:  The magnet on these bases is strong (over 400 Gauss), which is over 4 times stronger than standard fridge magnet.  This keeps the figures secure, but it  does place a greater strain on the adhesive between the wood and rubber when removing them from steel tryas or boxes.  

ALSO:  the porous/fibrous surface of MDF is not an ideal surface for the adhisive to stick to, so in some cases the magnet may lift along an edge or corner.  It's just a consequence of the nature of the materials.

SO:  If the magnet does start to come loose, it can be re-affixed permanently with a drop of your favourite glue.