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Coat d'arms Paint - FANTASY COLOURS

Water based (acrylic) paint for miniatures
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Colour (* = metallic)

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Product Description
Coat d'arms paints are designed specifically for painting miniatures. Highly pigmented with a matt finish, they are the choice of many professional painters.

There are three complementary ranges:

* Fantasy Range (primary, basic and fantasy colours)
* Military Range (natural and historical colours)
* WWII authentic colour Range

The Coat d'arms fantasy range (colours 101-168) is the same paint, made by the same company, that was sold by Games Workshop, before they changed to a non-UK source of production. They are made by the same company to the original recipe, only the names have had to be changed a bit! Many experienced painters will recognise the distinctive tight-sealing flip-top lids. Each $5 jar of Coat D'Arms contains 18 mL of paint, compared to Citadel which remains only 12 mL, yet costs $6. So with Coat D'arms you get almost twice as much quality paint for the same money. And the tight-sealing lids on Coat d'arms mean you won't be throwing away half-used jars because they have dried out due to poor lid design.

 Of course, the above are rough approximations only, due to the vagaries of screen and printer settings, and the difficulty in translating pigment to screen colours.