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Mortem et Gloriam Page

This page is intended to be the local repository of all things MeG.  In conjunction with the facebook page (, it will hold tournament announcements, tournament results, photos and other resources.  In time there will be additional sub-pages added.

The first Australian tournament will be held on 8 April.  Since this is a new rule set, it will be a one day event wth a relaxed atmosphere, suitable for beginners.


Sunday 8 April, 10:00 - 18:00

At Lanyon Vikings Club, Heidelberg St, Conder, ACT (Canberra)

Maximum 7000 point armies* (maximum 3 generals), any list published by 14 March, on 4' x 4' tables. Army lists to be submitted for checking as MeG army builder spreadsheets (use the email button at the bottom of the page), preferably by 31 March.

Please indicate your intention (or otherwise) to attend by 31 March, sooner if possible!

TWO games over the day, duration 2½ hours each game (break for lunch). Modified Swiss chess pairings (first round will be matched historically, locals vs interstate visitors where possible).

15mm figures (10mm - 20mm figures also acceptable for this tournament). 40mm base width essential! All figures need to be painted, and bases at a minimum painted green! Armies MAY be available for hire (get in touch early).

Bring your own terrain if you have it - limited quantity available to borrow on the day. There will be a prize for nicest player-provided terrain. Modified terrain sizes: 'flank sector' is 8BW wide (not 10); 'secure flank' pieces min 4x4 BW - max 8x8 BW; other pieces min 2x2 BW - max 6x4 BW.

Entry will be $10, to cover pooled terrain, mats and other expenses. Anyone providing loaner terrain or armies will have this reduced.

Fun, prizes and trophies. 

*  Normal games are 10,000 points or more.  The smaller armies are to make sure we get through the 2 games without rushing, and allow new players to learn the rules as they go along.