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Loyalty Scheme

All purchases from us count towards qualifying for discounts.  When you qualify, we will send you the appropriate code to enter in the web shop to collect your discount.

Customers don't need to collect sets of multicoloured cards, tally up 'merit points', save bottle tops or otherwise do anything. Our accounting system will keep track of your purchases (you might want to make sure we record your name for cash purchases made at the shop or at shows). At the end of each month, we will tally up your purchases over the preceding six calendar months, and determine your discount level for the next calendar month. 

For example, if a customer's purchases over April, May and June totalled $576, he would qualify for the 'Silver' discount of 5% on all eligible purchases made in August. At the end of July, his discount level for September would be calculated, now based on his purchases in May, June and July (including any purchases that have already attracted the Silver discount).

Discount Levels

There are two discount levels:

If in the preceding
3 calendar months 6 calendar months
your purchases exceeded...
SILVER 5% off $500 $1,000
GOLD 10% off $1,000 $2,000

The Fine Print

A few types of purchase won't be discounted (though the first three items on the list below do still count towards the thresholds): 

* Postage and Postal Insurance 
* Items indicated as clearance items or specially reduced
* Painting Commissions

If a customer qualifies for both discount levels, or the same one twice (i.e. on 3 month and 6 month totals), then the applicable discount is the higher of those qualified for. They are not added together or otherwise cumulative.

If you think we've missed something or applied the wrong discount, please don't hesitate to contact us. Remember to make sure we record your name for cash purchases made at shows, which otherwise might not be credited to you.