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Based in Italy, Baueda is a developer of high quality tabletop wargame accessories and miniatures. With a growing catalogue, it is especially well known for its resin tent, baggage and scenery items.


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Hellenistic Sacrifice set (28mm)
28mm Classical Greek / Hellenistic sacrifice set
Joan at the stake (28mm)
28mm Joan d'Arc & pyre
CRL05 - Frankish heavy horse archers
15mm Frankish heavy horse archers
CRL06 - Frankish archers
15mm Frankish archers
CRL07 - Frankish heavy spearmen
15mm Frankish heavy spearmen
CRL08 - Frankish levy spearmen
15mm Frankish levy spearmen
AUC01 - Legionaries digging
15mm Roman legionaries in fatigue dress digging
AUC02 - Legionaries removing earth
15mm Roman legionaries in fatigue dress removing rocks and soil
BRT01 - Breton cavalry
15mm Breton Cavalry
CRL00 - Charlemagne
15mm Charlemagne Command